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What is your cancelation policy?

If a tour is canceled by the client within 48 hours of the tour date you will be charged the full amount of the tour. If a replacement for your reservation is found, or for cancellations of 48hrs or more in advance a $25 administration fee will be issued and no additional charges will be added.

We reserve the right to cancel or alter any tours or rentals due to weather or insufficient registration.  If ECO cancels the trip due to weather-related reasons (High winds or lightning), there will not be a fee and we will try and reschedule the tour.

What should I bring on a tour?

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Water

  • Sunglasses w/ strap

  • Shoes that can get wet (old tennis shoes, water shoes, etc. Avoid flip flops, sandals, or crocs)

  • Clothing: avoid cotton (jeans, etc), wear quick-dry (synthetic) material, fleece, yoga clothes, etc.

  • Change of clothes: no matter what the weather you are bound to get a little wet. It is a water sport!

  • Extra fleece/windbreaker to change into

  • Camera and something waterproof to put it in

  • Snack (unless we are providing it), but more is better!

  • Refillable water bottle with water.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No. We like to spend all of the tour inside the kayaks, but if you happen to go in for an impromptu dip you will be wearing a life jacket that will keep you on top of the water and one of our experienced guides will be there to assist you.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. Simply contact us anytime and we can arrange one for you. Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift. Perfect for all occasions.

Is there an age limit?

Is there a weight limit?

Not exactly. We want everyone to have the chance to paddle and we leave that up to the parent to decide, but we do have some suggestions. If your child is able to actively participate in paddling then they are more than welcome to join in a double or single kayak, but if you feel they can't we can put them in the front of a double kayak with a parent in the back. Just be aware you will be doing all/most of the paddling.

Every single kayak has its own weight limit. We have double kayaks that can hold more weight than singles. It is more a matter of being able to sit comfortably in a kayak for a period of time rather than the weight of the person. Everyone person is different so we don’t limit use just because of weight. We want everyone to paddle!

Do I need a reservation or can I just show up?

Reservations are required for all programs at ECO. We do not suggest just showing up as we could be fully booked or we may be out on a tour with no one on base to assist you. We recommend that you always call ahead and make a reservation for any and all tours, rentals, and lessons at ECO

Can I rent a kayak if I have never paddled before?

We do not recommend that you rent if you have never paddled before. It is always best to take a tour so that our guides can properly prepare you for your time on the water. We strongly encourage you to take a lesson if after the tour you are curious to learn more.

Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia
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