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About Us

Our History

East Coast Outfitters (ECO) is a community-based outdoor resource centre featuring premier quality guided sea kayak tours, lessons, and equipment rentals. We give visitors a chance to learn about the natural and cultural history of the area while experiencing some of the best sea kayaking anywhere.

ECO is located in the community of Lower Prospect, Nova Scotia, 45 minutes from the Halifax International Airport, and halfway between the city of Halifax and world-famous Peggy’s Cove. Lower Prospect is a small fishing village with a population of about 200. Weather still matters in Lower Prospect. Everyone still waves.

We offer one of the most varied outdoor programs in Atlantic Canada, and we are the only outdoor operator driven largely by community economic development. In the wake of a collapsed groundfish industry, coastal communities like ours are faced with the challenge of economic uncertainty. Eco-tourism can provide an alternative resource on which to base the economy of our village. We call it “Codfish to Kayaks”.

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Our Misson, Vison and Values

East Coast Outfitters provides customers with world-class outdoor experiences in a safe & fun fashion that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.

East Coast Outfitters strives to provide employees with a great place to work by offering an environment that is fun, challenging, promotes teamwork and mutual respect.

East Coast Outfitters strives to be a leader in the paddling industry, and to do it in a way that promotes safe, healthy, and sustainable outdoor endeavors, and is a positive influence on the lives of our clients, our employees and the members of our community.

Safety, Integrity, Respect, Skilled staff, Fun, Teamwork, Friendliness and Service.


Our Friends and Partners

ECO is proud to work with many great partners and associations. Here is a list of some of them. Check back often, as this list will grow.

Level Six—manufactures of some of the best paddling gear on the planet.

Travel and Tourism partners

Partners and Resources

Other local paddling suppliers

Other local paddling companies owned and operated by graduates of the ECO guide training program:

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Our Environment

ECO Low Impact Guidelines

  1. Use already existing campsites and trails to minimize new impact.

  2. Do not harass or disturb wildlife. Always view from a safe distance to avoid placing additional stress on the animals. Avoid nesting or denning areas and never feed the wild animals.

  3. Whatever you pack in, be prepared to pack out. This includes all left over food, garbage, toilet paper, feminine products, and anything else previous visitors have left behind.

  4. Do not pollute the waterways with human waste. Always urinate at least 50 meters away from any open water sources. Any solid waste must be packed out as well in either Tupperware containers, groovers, double bagged bags, or specially designed apparatuses.

  5. Before having any fires, ask yourselves “Is this really needed?” If you do decide to have a fire have it below the high tide line, and burn only driftwood.

  6. Leave only footprints, take only pictures, and kill nothing but time. Do not take any “souvenirs” from historical sites or natural areas.

  7. Use sandy or rocky areas as access points when entering an area and avoid scrambling up open soil or wooded areas.

  8. Do not cut any limbs off of living or dead trees and do not pick flowers or plants.

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