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Sea kayak Guide Training near Halifax, Nova Scotia
Guide Training Course

Join East Coast Outfitters in a training program that will leave you with skills you will remember forever. We require no previous experience- we will teach you everything you need to know. We only require that you are a self-identified leader and that you are willing to challenge yourself. This is a comprehensive course that spans fall, winter, and spring. Topics include:

  • paddling skills

  • kayak and equipment design

  • self and assisted rescues

  • tidal theory

  • understanding wind, waves, & weather

  • sea kayak navigation

  • night navigation

  • journeying and seamanship

  • coastal ecology

  • Group Dynamics

  • Leave No Trace ethics

  • risk & crisis management

  • outdoor leadership

  • shadowing guided tours 

Participants will participate in courses for national certification through Paddle Canada. Beginning with Bascil Skills or Level 1 Skills depending upon the individual. Taking your Level 2 skills will depend upon how you perform through the season.

Course runs from May 2024 - October 2024

Time frame and obligation:

There are some set dates for the 2024 season that a participant needs to attend. 

  • Basic or Level 1 skills course. We offer these courses at least once a month from May-October. You have all season to join when you can. We suggest you take an early course so that you can build on your skills throughout the season. See our calendar for dates.

  • Wilderness & Remote First aid at ECO May 24-26, 2024

  • Shadowing a minimum of 4 tours a month.

With each GIT we will come up with a personal development plan that we will work out with their input so that they can be sure to commit to a schedule that they can fulfill. 


Successful completion of the program is dependent on the individual. So, if you do not complete it in the first season you are welcome back next season with no additional fees. We want you to be successful and gain employment at East Coast Outfitters as a sea kayak guide


Contact us to learn more about this year’s program.

Cost: $1900 plus tax (Payment Plans Available). It is a one-time payment with benefits in perpetuity.


*This is a one-time cost to you and includes any and all of our Kayaks and all necessary paddling gear, instruction, course materials, theory sessions, night navigation sessions, open water rescues sessions, shadowing, and assisting with guided tours, Paddle Canada Courses and Wilderness & Remote first Aid course. 

Does not include Paddle Canada or the provincial membership certification fee. For the Paddle Canada program details, click here.

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