Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Wells


With ECO since 2012

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Favourite TV Show: MidSomer Murders
Favourite Sports Team: Harlem Globetrotters (I’m not a fan of watching sports, so if I had to pick…!!)
Favourite Book: I have 3 – Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers and The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester
My Favourite Guide: Dave Adler
Best Life Experience: In 1982 travelling to Cuba on my own, then a few months later making my way to New York City during Christmas!
Best Nova Scotia Experience: That’s a tough one as I’m a born and raised Nova Scotian! I’d have to say my childhood summers at 3 seaside cottages located in different Nova Scotian locations:
1. At our cottage in Sandy Cove, Terrance Bay. I was either barefoot and running along our beach then up to the lighthouse with my Siberian Husky Czar and Red Doberman Ajax while giving a name to every uniquely shaped rock, in the water swimming or on the water zipping around in our zodiac while my mother and her friend scuba dived.
2. At my Aunt and Uncle’s Cottage in East Petpeswick. We were a walk away from the government wharf to fish eels, be swimming in the sun or fog at Martinique Beach, setting off to the open Atlantic Ocean in the early morning sunrise in my Uncle’s Cape Islander…..the sea water is like glass (that’s when I saw my first sun fish!) to jig for cod.
3. At the cottage of lifetime family friends in Marshalltown. We were either riding horses bareback across open fields, swimming in the brown, warm waters of the Bay of Fundy, slapping low tide mud from the flats on bee stings, running barefoot in the warm evenings while acing june bugs with tennis rackets or spending afternoons scooping nets of fish from the streams in the back woods.

Certifications/Degress: Addictions Counsellor. Veterinary Assistant.

Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills, Wilderness Remote First Aid. Restricted Operators Certificate(Maritime).


Why do I Love to Guide: To share my passion of being on the water because the ocean is in my blood. To be able to share the absolute exhale of what being on the water brings to people. I know I’ve been successful to offer this exhale of the water to clients when returning back to base on the last part of a tour. The usual small talk has dissipated as the clients are peaceful, relaxed and are enjoying the quiet of what the ocean has to offer.

My Number One Item on my Bucket List: I’m taking this summer to figure that out. Then making a plan to make it happen!!!!

Personal Statement: That’s a big one for me, because I’m all about the heart. I’m all about being brave enough to see what makes you unhappy, and having the courage to do what is necessary to make you happy. It is only through true suffering are we able to step into and feel true passion and happiness. Be confident. Be courageous. Be honest. Set boundaries. Laugh and play every single day. Be organized and responsible. Be kind. And see only love.

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