Staff Spotlight: Erin Laende

I’m from Toronto and came to Halifax in 2006 to go to NSCAD. I’ve been with ECO since 2010 when I took the awesome Guide in Training course
Favorite TV Show: Sherlock Holmes BBC
Favorite Sports Team: Canada’s National Women’s Soccer
Favorite Book: Into Thin Air or anything by Jon Krakauer
Your Favorite Sea Kayak (or outdoor) Guide (besides yourself haha):awesome kayaking coaches Dave Adler and Mark Richard
Best Life Experience: meeting like-minded outdoor and water enthusiasts and being able to get outside and paddle basically whenever I want 🙂
Best Nova Scotia Experience:paddling the Shubie’s giant waves (tidal bore)
Sea Kayak Certifications/degrees, other courses you have taken, awesome things you have done: Sea Kayak Level 2 skills, Intro to Tandem Lake Canoe, SUP Skills & Instructor Advanced Flatwater, Instructor Basic Sea Kayak, River kayaking
Why do you love to guide/instruct:its amazing to share what I love to do with others who may be just starting out, and to see “kayak obsession” building inside of them. The more people paddling, the happier we all will be 🙂
Number one thing that you have crossed off your bucket list: self-guided Art tour of Europe
Personal Statement: never stop trying new things

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