Refreshing Seaside Adventure Awaits you at East Coast Outfitters

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Refreshing Seaside Adventure Awaits you at East Coast Outfitters

Posted by: Brigid McWhirter
DATE POSTED: 06/25/2012
Part of Halifax’s charm is its proximity to a coastline that is at once serene and ruggedly beautiful. A special part of the Halifax travel experience is the opportunity to explore this coastline on a seaside adventure.

Just 30 minutes outside downtown Halifax, along Nova Scotia’s South Shore, sits Lower Prospect, one of the many sweet spots within the Halifax Regional Municipality. A trip along Prospect Road, with a turn onto Terence Bay Road, takes you there; to a dramatic landscape shaped by ancient glaciers and exposure to the elements. Boulders dot the roadside, and the sea is speckled with rocky islands topped with coniferous woods. It’s a place where pirates once sailed, rum runners hid their cargo, blue herons nest, cormorants skim the water – and you can explore the area intimately by kayak thanks to East Coast Outfitters.

ECO offers sea kayaking with skilled guides who know and love the area – upon arrival, you’re automatically a member of a fun-loving, warm and enthusiastic family who clearly enjoys your company. ECO provides lessons, rentals and a selection of tours running every day of the season, May through October. Add a lobster boil to your tour for that extra East Coast touch. Looking for something different? Try stand up paddling and stretch your legs while enjoying the surroundings.

ECO has strong community support – in fact, members of the community assisted in building the business from the ground up (literally!) Regulars attend scheduled events such as yoga and paddling, paddling club, ladies’ night and after work paddling + BBQ (to name a few.) A large wooden deck at water’s edge serves as both your point of entry at the start of your paddle, and social gathering spot to relax and rejuvenate afterwards.

What do ECO guides want you to know? That sea kayaking doesn’t have to be arduous and exhausting! Those new to the activity often come with the misconception that they’ll have to “give it their all.” Not so. Simply paddle at your own pace and you’ll be on your way – nothing to it. Guides – at a ratio of one to every six paddlers – keep an expert eye on the group and provide interesting and entertaining stories about the area. You could be paddling by buried treasure…you never know! And keep an eye out for wildlife like mink, seabirds, whales and porpoises.


Our advice? Pause during your paddle, take a deep breath of sea air, soak in the sights around you, look down through the clear water teeming with life beneath you and capture that mental snapshot of paradise.

Add East Coast Outfitters to your vacation itinerary and prepare for refreshing seaside adventure!

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