Winter Boom Truck Day

Boomtruck holding the power boatToday is Boom Truck Day down at East Coast Outfitters. At high-tide a large boomtruck rolls down to Lower Prospect and plucks the floats and ECO boat out of the water for winter storage. This is no easy feat, and has to be done quickly before the tide recedes. The removal of the boat and floats marks the end of the 10th ECO Season, one of the longest ones we’ve ever had. This season has been full of fun people, fun weather and all kinds of crazy adventures. For everyone who made it out this season, thanks and we can’t wait to see you again next year. If you missed this season don’t despair, we’re counting the days till next spring, and we’ll get the word out as soon as we’re open.

Over the next few months this years guides in training will continue to hone their skills in the classroom, pool and on the water as weather permits. We never stop paddling, so that when you come out we can provide a safe, fun and if you want, exciting, experience on the water. Our ECO guides will be keeping themselves warm and honing their skills in some of the rougher, yet fun water that Nova Scotia Winter has to offer.

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